We would be delighted to have you at Prof Rafique Pirani's vastu services.

In our Prof Rafique Pirani culture, we are not just telling you the story of harmony but we are also making it a vital part of your daily life through the invaluable teachings of Vastu Shastra. Our aim is to equip people, households, and enterprises with the tools to capitalize upon the positive energies around them in order to build spaces guided by balance, financial wellbeing, and wellness


Prof Rafique Pirani has been bringing his years of experience and wisdom in-depth Vastu Shastra study to clients for them to makeover their homes and offices. It is clear to us that each space has its own specifics, and we adjust our range of services adequately to meet the exact desires and goals of our clients.


Our Services:


Vastu Consultation: The consultation part of our Vastu services covers the detailed analysis of your property, including its structure, orientation and energy. We take the time to tailor our suggestions to help you manage your energy consumption efficiently while preserving the character of your facility.


Residential Vastu: The house you live in is not only a structure but also a place where you experience the support and nurturing of your well-being and life. For our residential Vastu services, we emphasize on creating vibrant family living rooms that aid in the promotion of harmony, health, wellbeing, and prosperity.


Commercial Vastu: The modern-day business environment is highly competitive, and thus the congruency of forces in your workspace has an astounding effect on your business success. Whether you hold a small business or a large corporation, the commercial Vastu provided here are to boost productivity, spark imagination and create prosperity.


Remedial Solutions: If you have problems or anything that is standing in your way right now, it might be caused by the surrounding energies that are imbalanced. Our remedial measures range from simple and yet powerful Vastu remedies that have the capability of overcoming the negative energies and regain harmonization of the surroundings.