Welcome to Prof. Rafiq Pirani's Tarot Services.

At Prof Rafique Pirani we exclusively provide Tarot reading services that assist you in your quest for elucidation, guidance and power. Our mission is to illuminate the paths of your life, sharing with you insights and knowledge needed to help you make sound choices and reach your fullest potential.



Prof Rafique Pirani is committed to delivering exceptional Tarot services, which are a combination of the ancient wisdom and modern knowledge. Having been in practise for a number of years and with a deep knowledge of the symbolism, interpretation, and intuition of Tarot, our team will strive to provide the necessary guidance to help you go through life challenges, uncover hidden truths and discover the secrets of your soul.


Our Services:


Personal Tarot Readings: Be it relationship, career, love or personal growth, the personal and specific Tarot readings we provide will give you in-depth answers that will directly address your personal situation and concerns.


Business Consultations: Gain insights and new views on your business goals via our professional Tarot business consultations. From a strategic planning to the decision-making, we help you find opportunities, remove barriers, and reach your professional goals.


Tarot Workshops and Events: Go further and explore mystic Tarot during our stimulating workshops and events. Whether you are a novice or an experienced user, our interactive sessions are aimed at increasing your understanding of Tarot, intuition, and spirituality.