Feng Shui

A warm welcome to Prof. Rafique Pirani: An Experienced Feng Shui Guide for Businesses' Success.

Indeed, when it comes to the functioning of any business, the environment greatly influences of this process. Relying on the mysterious knowledge of Feng Shui, we are the most desirable partner of businesses who want to improve their offices and fill it with prosperity, productivity and harmony.


Barr Rafique Pirani is the art of Feng Shui dean, who has spent years as an expert, helping companies succeed by influence properly the physical surroundings of the workers. Our experienced team, understanding traditional Feng Shui fundamentals and the context of modern business performance, can define a personalized plan that conforms to your dreams and beliefs.


Our Services:

Feng Shui Consultations: Our consultants who have a lot of experience would conduct a full analysis of the environment of your business. They determine what you have vis a vis the opportunities that are available.

Space Planning and Design: We make scientifically grounded suggestions for redesigning the office setting in a way that promotes the creative flow, focus, and efficiency.

Business Name and Logo Optimization: We guarantee an energetic resonance of business names and a logo that show positive impacts to the target audience providing the right brand to market.

Business Opening and Relocation: Whatever you want to do, be it starting a new venture or moving your business to a better place, we will counsel you on choosing the appropriate date and location which will enable you to optimise on opportunities and avoid problems.

Corporate Training and Workshops: Equipped your team with vital information and opinion with regards to ways through which you can foster a shared environment, motivation and productivity through our tailored classes and seminars.