Welcome to Prof Rafique Pirani - your way for healing.

Prof. Rafique Pirani puts the accent on the fact that holistic healing is a pathway to a new life. Our mission is to help people achieve equilibrium, peace, and healthy state of being through the ancient science of Reiki.

Dr. Rafique Pirani is an undisputed luminary in the field of alternative healing methods. With in depth knowledge of energy dynamics and years of experience under their belts, Prof. Rafique Pirani and his team are dedicated to help clients begin a path of self and healing discovery.


Our Services:

At Prof. Rafique Pirani, we offer Reiki, a Japanese method for stress reduction and relaxation with the added benefit of healing. The expert practitioners from our clinic use the power of the universal life force energy to balance the body, mind, and spirit to achieve deep level healing and spiritual development.