Warm greetings! to Prof. Rafique Pirani's Numerology Consulting.

We pride ourselves as being an organization that has made it a mission to demystify mathematics so as to bring out the power and beauty in numbers that can benefit individuals and businesses alike With our numerology services, you get access to the hidden realm of numbers, generating your right direction to the destination you deserve.


Discover Your True Potential


Numerology is an instrument that is much more than just numbers. Its message is a vibration of the cosmos that is deeply woven into who you are. This numerology session with Prof Rafique Pirani will drown you in the mathematical values of your life, revealing the mysteries hidden within.


What We Offer:

Personal Numerology Readings: Dive into your own unique traits, strengths, weaknesses, and life destination when get the personal numerology reading. Get a glimpse of your relationships, future opportunities, and personal well being.

Business Numerology Analysis: Extract the not so obvious abilities of your business with our full-range numerology analysis. Find the auspicious numbers, Chinese words, and best times to ensure success and fortune.

Name Correction Consultations: Your name is more than just a title; it is a spiritual energy vector that determines the trajectory of your life effort. Let us assist you to bring the needed vibrations of success, abundance and good luck to your name through our name correction consultation.

Lucky Number Selection: Bring the number magic into your life and learn how to pick your lucky numbers for important choices, financial decisions, and undertakings. Allow the universe to lead you towards the events and prospects that are favorable and prosperous.

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