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Do you want to unravel the mysteries of your fate with one of Canada’s most respected astrologers, Prof. Rafique Pirani? Our unique services help individuals understand and make sense of life with clarity and purpose.


We pride ourselves as being an organization that has made it a mission to demystify mathematics so as to bring out the power and beauty in numbers that can benefit individuals and businesses alike With our numerology services

Feng Shui

Indeed, when it comes to the functioning of any business, the environment greatly influences of this process. Relying on the mysterious knowledge of Feng Shui


Prof Rafique Pirani specifically caters for individuals and enterprises by employing the mystical powers of Yantras. The main goal of our work is to achieve harmony,


Prof. Rafique Pirani puts the accent on the fact that holistic healing is a pathway to a new life. Our mission is to help people achieve equilibrium, peace, and healthy state of being through the ancient science of Reiki.


At Prof Rafique Pirani, we strive to bring together physical and mental wellness. Understand the significance of achieving a balance between the mind, the body, and the spirit and provide holistic treatment plans, intending to meet the individual needs of each client.


In our Prof Rafique Pirani culture, we are not just telling you the story of harmony but we are also making it a vital part of your daily life through the invaluable teachings of Vastu Shastra.


At Prof Rafique Pirani we exclusively provide Tarot reading services that assist you in your quest for elucidation, guidance and power. Our mission is to illuminate the paths of your life, sharing with you

Past Life Regression

We are glad you are here at Prof Rafique Pirani providing you with an access to past life regression which is an amazing journey into your soul’s history. We act as your guide in taking you through an exploration of past lives,

Amazon Author

We at Prof Rafique Pirani realize that the publishing authors may find it difficult to move through the labyrinth of self-publishing on Amazon. Amidst the constantly changing algorithms, competition, and uniqueness of the platform


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