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We at Prof Rafique Pirani realize that the publishing authors may find it difficult to move through the labyrinth of self-publishing on Amazon. Amidst the constantly changing algorithms, competition, and uniqueness of the platform, having an informed partner with you becomes a sine qua non to maximize your success as a writer.


Our Services:


Strategic Guidance: We provide personalized counseling where we listen to your goals and customize our services to meet your specific requirements. Whether you are a newbie or a litterateur, we give you strategic guidance to help you navigate the Amazon marketplace in an efficient way.


Book Optimization: We use our deep experience with Amazon’s algorithms and search engines to optimize your book listings and increase visibility as well as the potential of sales. From keyword research to a captivating book description, our team strives to ensure your book is not left out in the crowd.


Marketing Strategies: Creating a strong marketing strategy is an important part of your Amazon success. We guide you on how to develop holistic marketing plans that utilize Amazon’s promotional tools, social media sites, and email marketing for effective outreach and conversion.


Author Branding: Building a solid brand of an author is an essential for a long-term success. We help you to grow your author brand across multiple channels, including Amazon Author Central, social media, and author websites, to create credibility and build relationships with your readers.


Performance Analytics: Insight into your book’s performance is crucial for effective decision-making and strategic optimization. We give you comprehensive analytics and reporting tools to see sales figures, customer feedback and identify areas of improvement for informed data-driven decision-making that can bring you more profits.