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Welcome to  the place where ancient and modern knowledge intertwine. Enter a journey of spiritual exploration, healing and empowerment under the guidance of Prof. Rafique Pirani who is a renowned expert in this field.


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Welcome to Prof. Rafique Pirani where the ancient wisdom and modern insight come together! Explore and experience all the spiritual realms from healing to empowerment guided by the expertise of Grafiq Pirani.

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Understand who you are and where you have come from through us, shine a light on your present situation, and create the future that you deserve. Whether you are after the insight of astrology, healing from Reiki, or you seek guidance from the tarot, Prof Rafique Pirani takes a holistic approach to life.

Our Approach

Prof Rafique Pirani is where I feel that inner knowing and creativity is most nurtured and meaningfully unleashed. Having spent more than a decade of drastic practice of mystical art like astrology, numerology, past life regression and other, Prof Rafique Pirani offers personalized coaching directed to your unique beings.


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Do you want to unravel the mysteries of your fate with one of Canada’s most respected astrologers, Prof. Rafique Pirani? Our unique services help individuals understand and make sense of life with clarity and purpose.


We pride ourselves as being an organization that has made it a mission to demystify mathematics so as to bring out the power and beauty in numbers that can benefit individuals and businesses alike With our numerology services


In our Prof Rafique Pirani culture, we are not just telling you the story of harmony but we are also making it a vital part of your daily life through the invaluable teachings of Vastu Shastra.

Feng Shui

Indeed, when it comes to the functioning of any business, the environment greatly influences of this process. Relying on the mysterious knowledge of Feng Shui


Prof Rafique Pirani specifically caters for individuals and enterprises by employing the mystical powers of Yantras. The main goal of our work is to achieve harmony,


Prof. Rafique Pirani puts the accent on the fact that holistic healing is a pathway to a new life. Our mission is to help people achieve equilibrium, peace, and healthy state of being through the ancient


At Prof Rafique Pirani, we strive to bring together physical and mental wellness. Understand the significance of achieving a balance between the mind, the body, and the spirit and provide holistic treatment plans, intending to meet the individual needs of each client.

Past Life Regression

We are glad you are here at Prof Rafique Pirani providing you with an access to past life regression which is an amazing journey into your soul’s history. We act as your guide in taking you through an exploration of past lives,

Amazon Author

We at Prof Rafique Pirani realize that the publishing authors may find it difficult to move through the labyrinth of self-publishing on Amazon. Amidst the constantly changing algorithms, competition, and uniqueness of the platform


At Prof Rafique Pirani we exclusively provide Tarot reading services that assist you in your quest for elucidation, guidance and power. Our mission is to illuminate the paths of your life, sharing with you

Unraveling the Skies: An Overview for All Signs of the Zodiac

Unlocking the Stars” is your ultimate guide to unravel the mysteries of astrological signs and the celestial effects that govern your destiny. Let us go deeper for astrology and find answers written in stars.


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Apr 20 - May 20


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Dec 22 - Jan 19


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Feb 19 - Mar 20

Know Your Zodiac Sign

Sucessful Stories


Neha, the subject, was through regression to previous life, which exposed the hidden traumas and how she finally came to terms with herself. Prof. Rafique Pirani was a wonderful teacher leading her through the whole journey which was extremely healing and helping her to learn and grow, build resilience and strength.


Professor Rafique Pirani perspective of astrology shifted the gear for Rohan's career. Inspired with a great knowledge, he made decisions and took advantage of the opportunities he came across, which led him to triumph and gratification in his job with boldness and resoluteness.

Ananya and Raj

Just like Prof. Rafique Pirani recommended, huge modifications made by Ananya and Raj, the home became an inspiring place with harmony and joy. The family ambiance is brightening through the candles that are always burning making the relationships and the entire family life better somehow.


Numerology consultation with Prof. Rafique Pirani that Aarav had arranged, has been one of the main reasons behind his self-discovering He only can follow himself and therefore, extreme honesty, personal development, and self-confidence become his feelings.


Enlightening sessions of Reiki and energy healing classes with Prof. Rafiq Pirani ultimately caused Devi's inner transformation for her. Having withstood depression and emotional drain, she experienced harmony, mental relief, and strength, and one became a happy and vibrant individual.

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